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The Heart Speaks

The Heart Speaks

“A good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth good; and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart[a] brings forth evil. For out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks.” Luke 6:45 New King James Version (NKJV)

As we go along with discovering the power of sound and music, we’ll touch on the fruits of what it can produce.

As mentioned music and our words can shape matter and surely influence us. Whether it be positive or negative, something will manifest from the words that we speak and even the music we listen to. That’s one of the reasons why we praise and worship with uplifting Christian songs. Our soul is molded and aligned with God, allowing us to take in His word so that we may live the life of how God wants us to live. (more…)

How Kutless Saved My Life

How Kutless Saved My Life

As I’ve mentioned, music is powerful. There is a reason why when you feel angry and you listen to a happy and uplifting song, you are likely to calm down or even cheer up a bit. Or, if a very negative song with a hard and fast paced beat is playing, it can surely make you feel mad or susceptible to being mad easier.

When I was in my dark days of depression, looking back I can see how music played a huge part in helping me recover and even bring God back into my life. I remember it well, I came across Christian rock group Kutless on a Pandora internet radio Christian music station. Their songs just resonated with me, and I feel, guided me during a very negative time in my life. Ultimately, it led me to find God again! That’s how powerful music is!

Songs like What Faith Can Do, Strong Tower, We Fall Down, Take Me In, All Who Are Thirsty, Promise Of A Lifetime, Ready For You, and I can name a bunch more. In fact, skimming through some of these songs as I write this post, I am reminded of the feelings that I had back then. I feel the shivers and tingles throughout my body because it feels so surreal. (more…)

Lauren Daigle Christian Music Artist Bio

We would like to thank Neil at for the ticket giveaways to see Hillsong United in Hawaii! OMGoodness it was awesome! God Bless him and his company for his kind and giving heart!

Lauren Daigle Christian Music Artist Bio

Lauren Daigle Christian Music Artist

Lauren Daigle is known for being a contemporary singer of Christian music from Louisiana. She was able to learn how to sing because of her engagement in a choir group until she became the leader of such choir while she is still studying during her college days. Lauren Daigle Christian Music Artist tried also to win the title of becoming the next American Idol in the year 2010 and in 2012 when her father encouraged her in competing and joining with that singing competition. Even though she did not make on top, still she was able to startle the Christian community with her Adele-like voice.

With her talent in singing and the reason why she sings starting to take her in achieving her dream to become a famous singer maybe not as an American Idol but as Lauren Daigle Christian Music Artist. Her voice resemblance with Adele added to her popularity but inspite of their similarity, there is still something in her voice that she can consider her own. Thru this great talent, there is no doubt why there are already recording studios who are starting to go on rush keeping this artist on their arms.

By the time that she recorded a song (more…)

The Power Of The Tongue


Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof. + Proverbs 18:21 King James Version (KJV)

In the previous post we briefly spoke about the power of music and how music moves people, especially Christian music during praise and worship.

The power of the spoken word, even the unspoken (which are thoughts), hold tremendous power to shape us and the world around us.

I know this is delving into the secular but I feel that I need to share this revelation that I have regarding the power of music and words. It’s for both followers to strengthen their relationship with God, and non-followers (or soon to be) to understand the power of God and His word in scripture and of prayer.

Here is a video of a scientist that has done studies of the results of the power of intend and the spoken word: (more…)

Music That Moves

Music That Moves

Sound is a very powerful thing. Music, even more so. Christian music…

Sound and music can literally shape physical matter. If you have your speaker volume up in your house listening to powerful worship music, your walls and furniture are probably vibrating. It’s moving because of the sound – the music. During praise and worship at church, you feel the energy of the music within you. The music is literally moving and shaping you. (more…)

Hillsong United Christian Music Group

About Hillsong United

This music group is not an ordinary, but they became a worldwide phenomenon because of their creative way of expressing their faith thru heart-warming songs. All the lyrics of their composed songs can really ignite your Christian faith while making you want to sing praises and worship all day long.

Their amazing talent will surely strike your heart where they freely use it to spread inspirational messages thru their Christian music. Hillsong United Christian Music Group is entirely composed of employees and volunteers of the church. This is led by Joel Houston, son of global senior pastors and Hillsong Church founders Bobbie and Brian Houston (global senior pastors). Inspite of the fact that they have already sold countless copies of albums that cause millions of money, its members have routinely characterized to be a humbling group.

The energizing worship time and hip atmosphere of Hillsong United Christian Music Group is especially successful in drawing millennial to the different church services and even concerts that they have attended. Even though this music group started in youth ministry from Australia, their music is not bounded with lively music but also a contemporary praise and worship, which is a mix of mainstream rock and Christian music.

Hillsong United Christian Music Group is a real encouragement to all aspiring youth groups or even adult who have the talent in singing, playing instruments, and orchestrating the harmony of amazing song not for their own popularity and personal gain, but to spread good news thru Christian songs. Almost all their songs can be easily sang and remember, plus the message it conveys will really mark the heart of everyone who will able to hear it. (more…)

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